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Four years ago saw the birth of the most useful of the hotel and restaurant industry’s tools, created by professionals for professionals,

Its main purpose is to place the new technologies at the professional visitor’s disposal, so that his or her work will be more convenient, quicker and more effective.

RESCOWEB offers members the possibility of positioning their own Web page, not on the Internet universe, but on a an industry portal exclusively for hotel and restaurant professionals: chefs, maitres, owners, cooks, waiters, .....

RESCOWEB is therefore the only portal exclusively designed for hotel and restaurant professionals.

It is not a magazine, a virtual journal or a Web site to visit casually.

It is a tool designer for users to search for what they need without wasting time or money. For members, it is also the ideal showcase where they will find it easy to contact their customers. An added advantage is the fact that all the visitors to the portal are potentially future customers.

The way that RESCOWEB works is very simple:

Starting with the fact that all the companies that are already part of the industry, together with others that wish to include hostelry in their business, need a point of encounter that saves them time an money, what better place for it than the Internet?

RESCOWEB is for all those businesses that have something to offer to hotel and restaurant professionals: food products, gastronomical consultancy services, restaurant consultants, property services and many other companies that are open for business on the Internet.

The portal has been designed by hotel and restaurant professionals who have first-hand knowledge of the industry and its needs. They have created an agile and very easy to use system, even for beginners on the Internet or those who have never used a computer.

RESCOWEB makes your work easy.

If you already have your own Web page, the process is simple. If not, we offer you the possibility of designing a page that fits with your own needs and tastes. Even if you don’t have a computer or need newer equipment, we can take care of it for you through one of the companies that are already members.

RESCOWEB offers members a space within their business area (fruit, meat, cheese, gourmet products, property, building, etc.), consisting of five or six lines with the company’s characteristics, a digitalised logo and a link to its own page. You will also have an e-mail account on the portal itself.

There will also be the possibility of sending e-mails to all the members registered on the portal, either in general or selectively. You can, for example, send e-mails with special offers, promotions, lists, etc., to the group of professionals that you have targeted, for example chefs, owners, purchasing managers, maitres, etc.

All this for an incredibly low cost that anyone can afford.

Contact us at, or

We will be pleased to answer all your questions.

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