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The use of alufoil containers in microwave ovens is safe

Another popular misconception is scientifically disproved: Contrary to the widespread public opinion that the use of packaging materials made of aluminium foil in microwave ovens is critical or even dangerous, the latest scientific results prove how safely and efficiently meals in aluminium foil trays can be prepared in the microwave oven. No matter whether it's lasagne or paella - nothing's impossible with the aluminium tray! The only thing to be borne in mind in this connection is the proper handling of the versatile light metal.

"Scientifically proven - appetizing, efficient and safe"

No matter whether as a lunchtime snack in the office, a delicious evening meal for one or as a creative time-saving variation with friends - with the proper handling all conventional kinds of ready meals can be prepared in aluminium trays, too. The precondition for this is that the meal should cover most of the bottom of the container to ensure that the meal is evenly heated. The aluminium cover must be removed and the tray placed on a non-metallic glass or ceramic plate in the middle of the microwave-oven turntable, making sure that it does not come into contact with the side walls of the oven. If these heating instructions are heeded, then nothing stands in the way of a perfect meal.

In summary then, aluminium trays can be used to prepare ready meals in the microwave oven without any reservations. Not only are meals quickly and appetizingly cooked, with that cool aluminium look they are also presented in an optically appealing way, too.

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