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Categorizacion de productos:

L.1 -  Waste disposal (waste disposal unit or press, etc.)
L.2 -  Bottling machines
L.3 -  Vacuum apparatus and equipment
L.4 -  Alarm and security installations
L.5 -  Multiple use bowls
L.6 -  Electric/manual universl cutlery
L.7 -  Work tables
L.8 -  Meat slicers
L.9 -  Exterior packaging
L.10 -  Automatic cooking, roasting and grilling equipment
L.11 -  Ovens
L.12 -  Bread making machines and apparatus
L.13 -  Bain marie apparatus
L.14 -  Ventilation equipment
L.15 -  Automatic floor cleaning machines
L.16 -  Automatic roasting and breadmaking machines
L.17 -  Breadcutting machines
L.18 -  Ironing tables and automatic ironing machines
L.19 -  Buffet programme
L.20 -  Cafetería equipment
L.21 -  Catering dishes
L.22 -  Combi vaporizers
L.23 -  Containers
L.24 -  Dispensers
L.25 -  Tins, all type of recipients
L.26 -  Tin-openers
L.27 -  Measurers
L.28 -  Drinks optics
L.29 -  Smoke extractor hoods
L.30 -  Continuous heaters
L.31 -  Disposable dishes
L.32 -  Ice machines
L.33 -  Crushed ice and ice cube making machines
L.34 -  Electric cookers
L.35 -  Fruit squeezers/Juice makers
L.36 -  Expresso coffee machines
L.37 -  Fast-food facilities
L.38 -  Fast-food packaging
L.39 -  Oil separator
L.40 -  Frying equipment
L.41 -  Filter systems
L.42 -  Bottle collection equipment and apparatus
L.43 -  Flambé trolleys and accessories
L.44 -  Bottle shelving and cupboards
L.45 -  Butcher machines ans apparatus
L.46 -  Meat and bone cutters
L.47 -  Meat beaters
L.48 -  Meat mincers
L.49 -  Cling film sealing apparatus, sealing machines
L.50 -  Moulding machines (meatballs, pasta)
L.51 -  Free-flow concepts
L.52 -  Fryers
L.53 -  Vegetable and lettuce washing machines
L.54 -  Equipment dishwasher
L.55 -  Dishwasher
L.56 -  Drinks vending machines
L.57 -  Dishwasher for glasses and wine glasses
L.58 -  Spit roasters, hot air grills
L.59 -  Facilities, machines and apparatus for cooking in large quantities
L.60 -  Hot air vaporizers
L.61 -  Cookers, ovens
L.62 -  High pressure cleaning equipment
L.63 -  Snack facilities
L.64 -  Snack trolleys and sales
L.65 -  Insulating recipients
L.66 -  Coffee vending machines
L.67 -  Coffee pots
L.68 -  Refrigerating facilities and systems
L.69 -  Sweepers/Vacuums
L.70 -  Tilting pans
L.71 -  Kitchen utensils
L.72 -  Pastry-making machines and provisions
L.73 -  Refrigerating vehicles
L.74 -  Deep-freeze and cold storage rooms
L.75 -  Refrigerating and cooking technique
L.76 -  Storage equipment
L.77 -  Machines for the preparation of vegetables
L.78 -  Measuring apparatus
L.79 -  Cookers and microwaves
L.80 -  Milk vending machines
L.81 -  Grinders (coffee, spices, etc.)
L.82 -  Wet waste disposal units
L.83 -  Pallets and other means of transport
L.84 -  Paper presses
L.85 -  Pizza ovens
L.86 -  Portioning machines and apparatus
L.87 -  Raclette apparatus
L.88 -  Smoking (meat, fish) equipment and apparatus
L.89 -  Whipped cream machines and vendors
L.90 -  Salad trolleys
L.91 -  Shredding machines and apparatus
L.92 -  Drinks dispatch equipment and apparatus
L.93 -  Meat processing and carving equipment
L.94 -  Cutting/carving machines
L.95 -  High speed freezing equipment
L.96 -  Shoe cleaning machines and vending machines
L.97 -  Serving trays
L.98 -  Serving trolleys
L.99 -  Ice-cream machines and vending machines
L.100 -  Portable dishwashers
L.101 -  Vacuum dusters
L.102 -  Cup heaters
L.103 -  Hotplates
L.104 -  Plate radiator
L.105 -  Digital heat regulators and measures
L.106 -  Deep-freeze containers
L.107 -  Pot cleaning machines
L.108 -  Carrier bags with handles
L.109 -  Recipients and means of transport
L.110 -  Vacuum recipients and apparatus
L.111 -  Ventilators
L.112 -  Automatic vending machines
L.113 -  Sales vehicles and trailers
L.114 -  Sales assistance
L.115 -  Sale trolleys
L.116 -  Packing machines and apparatus
L.117 -  Packing material
L.118 -  Scales
L.119 -  Weighing technique
L.120 -  Vending machines
L.121 -  Heat recuperation equipment
L.122 -  Thermal cupboards
L.123 -  Industrial washing machines
L.124 -  Washing machines and automatic washing machines
L.125 -  Water softening and treatment equipment
L.126 -  Others

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