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Potato soufflé on salad bed

For the potato soufflé:
  4 Gallician potatoes
4 egg yolks
4 spoonfuls of cottage cheese
12 spoonfuls of single cream
8 egg whites
freshly ground nutmeg

For the parsley crown:
  1 bunch of parsley
2 tender onions
250 g of chanterelles
1 spoonful of butter
16 rashers of smoked bacon
For the vinaigrette:
  1 teaspoonful of balsam vinegar
freshly ground white pepper
4 spoonfuls of olive oil
  Boil the potatoes, peel them and puré.  Add the eggs yolks (mixing them in with care), the cottage cheese, the single cream, and the beaten egg whites.  Season with salt and pepper. Grease the soufflé moulds with butter and fill to a level one finger’s width from the rim.  Place the moulds in a bain marie with the water at a temperature of 80° C and covering two-thirds of the moulds.  Cook for between 12 and 15 minutes in the oven pre-heated to 180° C.  

Pluck the parsley leaves from the stems.  Finely chop the onions.  Fry the chanterelles lightly in the butter.  Fry the bacon until it turns crispy.  For the vinaigrette, mix the vinegar, salt and pepper and mix with the oil.  Dress the parsley and onions with the vinaigrette and place on top the chanterelles and four rashers of smoked bacon.  Turn out the soufflés in the centre and serve immediately.
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