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Grilled filling of foie cheese, papaya and pineapple juice
  150 g Fresh duck liver
100 g Papaya
75 g Mango
100 g Pineapple
1/2 a carton of Greek yoghurt
Balsamic vinegar
Maldon salt
Olive oil
Ground black pepper
  For the grilled liver
Cut a circle from the 150 g of fresh liver and brown in a non stick frying pan without oil at 120ºC until it forms a crust over the whole piece. Save.
For the tropical ingredredients
Peel the mango and papaya and cut evenly into cubes to sauté them with a little oil and salt.
Peel the pineapple and put into the liquidizer. Keep the juice.
For the yoghurt and vinegar caramel
Mix the yoghurt, flavouring it with black pepper until it forms a fluid cream
The vinegar caramel is formed by reducing the balsamic vinegar with sugar until it reaches the point of fine thread. Save.
  On the bottom of the plate, place the sautéd papaya and mango and on top the lightly fried duck liver which has been lightly heated in the oven. And to the side, add a little cool pineapple juice. Finally, decorate with a little yoghurt cream, vinegar cream and a few flakes of maldon salt.
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